New records of myrmicine ants (Hymenoptera; Formicidae) for Colombia

  • Roberto Jose Guerrero Profesor
  • Fernando Fernández Universidad Nacional de Colombia
  • Mayron E. Escárraga Universidad del Magdalena
  • Lina Pérez-Pedraza Universidad Nacional de Colombia
  • Francisco Serna Universidad Nacional de Colombia
  • William P. Mackay University of Texas at El Paso
  • Vivian Sandoval Universidade Federal do Tocantins, Campus Araguaína
  • Valentina Vergara Universidad Nacional de Colombia
  • Diana Suárez Universidad Nacional de Colombia
  • Emira I. García Universidad del Magdalena
  • Andrés Sánchez Universidad de Buenos Aires
  • Andrés D. Meneses Universidad Nacional de Colombia
  • María C. Tocora Universidad Nacional de Colombia
  • Jeffrey Sosa-Calvo Arizona State University


Colombia is a country with a high diversity of ants; however, several new taxa are still being reported for the country. Forty seven new records for the country are registered here, all in the subfamily Myrmicinae: one new species record for the genera Adelomyrmex, Allomerus, Kempfidris, Megalomyrmex, Octostruma and Tranopelta; two for Rogeria; five for Myrmicocrypta; six for Procryptocerus; seven for Cephalotes; ten for Pheidole and eleven for Strumigenys. Three of these new records are invasive or tramp species, Pheidole indica, Strumigenys emmae, and Strumigenys membranifera. Three species are also recorded for the first time in South America: Pheidole sicaria, Procryptocerus tortuguero, and Strumigenys manis. The ant genera Kempfidris is recorded for the first time for Colombia. All species are commented. Currently, the diversity of ants in Colombia approaches 1,100 known species.


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GUERRERO, Roberto Jose et al. New records of myrmicine ants (Hymenoptera; Formicidae) for Colombia. Revista Colombiana de Entomología, [S.l.], v. 44, n. 2, p. 238-259, dic. 2018. ISSN 0120-0488. Disponible en: <>. Fecha de acceso: 18 ene. 2019 doi:
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Amazon rainforest, Andean region, Biodiversity, Colombian fauna, Formicidae, Neotropical region, Tramp species